Confidently is a blockchain platform against fake news and against opinion leaders who express “opinions” not supported by data.

The recommended Ethereum wallets that allow you to have full control and ownership of your private keys and as such are suitable for receiving and managing Confidently Tokens.

CNF is the ERC20 token that aims to access the ecosystem of services provided by the Confidently platform and to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchain.


Confidently is based on the latest technologies from the Blockchain world. We are testing among the different available technologies those with greater reliability and scalability.

Authors will be able to easily sign their content products, whatever their format. Readers can read and pay for content a rate indexed by our algorithm.

When a reader agrees to look at a content, he determines the snapshot of a smart contract between him and the publisher. You will pay either directly with the currency in your wallet or by looking at advertising content.

Users of Confidently will have a virtual wallet with which they can pay or cash out depending on their role. The multicurrency wallet will manage our equivalent currency.